Monday, August 30, 2010


Ok that was terrible and yet I couldn't resist. A-door-ation. But anyway. Can I have a Barbie-pink door please?

I am in love. MadeByGirl posted about this lovely home of Jenny from My Pink Door and I totally stopped in my tracks. Ir's fabulous. And I happen to love her kitchen as well.

I need a house. Seriously considering skipping the wedding in favor of buying a house. Convince me otherwise. Go!


  1. I agree! 11 years ago, we eloped to Vegas. 3 days, 3k, done. Buuut, different strokes and all that. The wedding is going to be something you remember forEVER. It's your day and the house will come along, too. ;))

  2. I love that pink door and those chairs in the kitchen are gorgeous! I wish you luck with your first house :)